About Us

About Tag My Garage

Our company was founded when the owner was trying to find an item in a box stashed several years ago.

Like many other people, he simply put items into boxes (some already marked, with markings way out of date), and after only one year could not figure out which box he stored the items in!

Enter the Tag My Garage App

Our app lets you take photos of the items in your garage, tag them similar to tagging photos on social media, and then keep a detailed record of data associated with that "tag".
You can take a photo of a box, tool, or other item you have stored in your garage, and then create a description of the item, categorize it, and store the information.
You then can search for the particular item, and the app will tell you where it is located in your garage!

Why choose our app?

Rather than sticking notes to your boxes which will fall off over time...
Or buying expensive, clear boxes...
Or re-using boxes with old markings on them, so you can't clearly tell what is inside...
Use our app!
Our app will keep track of everything in every box, which you can easily search later.
Keep track of all your items for safekeeping in case you need to make an insurance claim.
Our encrypted storage will insure your details are kept safe.

    Store Photos
    Record Items in Boxes
    Search for Items
    Encrypted Storage

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